If you’re a successful professional but unhappy at work, you can’t ignore this. Otherwise, you’ll be wondering how to find happiness at work all your life..”

Truth be told, I know precisely what you need to do to experience workplace happiness. But before I spill the beans, I want to ask you a question and, more importantly, I want you to answer it sincerely. It may not be a million-dollar question but it will most certainly be a life-changing one for you.  

“Does money means happiness to you?”

Yes or No

If you’ve answered no, you are definitely one of those professionals who want to be valued at work and recognised rather than rewarded with a salary increase. Indeed, a couple of zeros do look good on the paycheck, but it is merely not enough to keep the fire in you ignited and push you to achieve more.  

Despite the fat paycheck you get at the end of every month, the void in your soul and lack of happiness means that it is TIME FOR A CAREER MOVE!  

Think about it. If a high paycheck is not keeping your morale high, you continuously feel RESTLESS, Bored, Unappreciated, Anxious and Lost at work. Also, you find yourself suffering from a personal identity crisis, stuck in analysis paralysis. This clearly shows that you need to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE AND CAREER. 

I know a career move is a HUGE DECISION and you may be unsure about it. But I can help you MAKE THE MOVE THAT LEADS TO PROFESSIONAL GROWTH, FULFILMENT AND BALANCE

Even when some people know deep down that they DIRELY Need to switch careers, they still won’t do it and stick to the job they hate. Do you know why? Because they fear. They don’t take action because:

  • They are clueless on what else to do
  • They are afraid of losing their current skill-set and the pay check they get every month
  • hey fear losing their present lifestyle
  • They are demotivated to learn new skills or up-skill
  • They don’t want to redo the whole process of interviewing and updating their CV to come across as a potential candidate

These fears are valid because it can indeed be daunting to imagine moving into a new career only to find you are no good at it. But at the same time, we are talking about lifelong happiness. You can’t live an unhappy life because of your fears until you retire.

Remember that the average person spends nearly 90,000 hours of their life at work. This means a large portion of your days is spent at work. A CAREER MOVE is the ULTIMATE WAY to Ensure the Path of Professional Happiness when Money can’t motivate you enough.

When you’re unhappy at work, it can consume your entire life, making it hard to understand the problem. Sometimes, it’s a variety of factors or one big one (ahem, your boss). If you:

  • Can’t pinpoint the problem
  • Can’t identify what you need to change, let alone build an action plan

That’s where I come in. I have helped numerous clients make successful career moves. I can help you too.

A Happy Career and Purposeful Living Starts from Here!

You can’t put a price on your happiness and continue doing work that doesn’t SATISFY YOU EMOTIONALLY or PROFESSIONALLY. You can’t be stuck doing a traditional and boring job all your life for the sake of money. 

Allow me to help you IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM and CREATE THE PERFECT ACTION PLAN TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR NEXT CAREER MOVE. I can guide you on building your career to experience fulfilment, fun and joy in tasks that you do daily.

 I am an experienced, passionate, and certified and accredited career coach from ICF. I am also an NLP practitioner. There is a lot more to my credential portfolio, but the thing that sets me apart from other professional coaches is the fact that I strongly believe in the ability of individuals to be the masters of their own lives. So, let’s not succumb to what life gives us. Instead, strive to create our destiny. 

If you are ready to change and take the leap. I am ready.

I can help you identify your strengths and talent and discover your next move; that could be job change or career change. Wait, there’s more! From professional CV writing to interview preparation and everything in between, I can provide a step by step Action plan to help you make the transition smoothly.

Don’t procrastinate and wait for a miracle to happen.

Take life in your control and move forward.

Your happiness is in your hands.

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