From employed to business owner

Life is too short to be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy.

Do others think you are successful, but you feel there is something missing?

Do you have a comfortable role, but feel you want to push the boundaries – perhaps even create something of your own like your own legacy?

I’m Jasbir Arora and as a start-up expert I specialise in coaching people who want to make these sorts of changes in their lives. Many business experts talk about making changes, but they don’t offer you the tools you need to make those changes. As a fully qualified coach and NLP practitioner I can help you build a toolbox that will get you moving towards your goals.

My favourite saying is ‘Only the Brave have Fun’ –this means that by being brave you can change your life and have more fun. What I do is to help people like you to fight out of complacency and be brave enough to make changes that bring satisfaction and excitement to your life.


Why work with Jasbir?

Do you …

  • want to flex your business muscles and personal skills?
  • work for a corporate company and are ready to invest in a new business?
  • dream about starting up your own really successful business?
  • want some quick but sustainable results?
  • need a proven plan and accountability?
  • prefer to discuss a potential business opportunity in a confidential and non-biased setting?
  • want to be challenged?

I can help you …
I am an experienced, qualified, start-up business coach who works with people just like you who want to build a sustainable and successful future by starting up their own business, but not waste any time. You want an action plan and accountability? Then I can supply all that.

It’s within your grasp
I have a tried and tested process to get your business up and running and making money in eight months. Even if you don’t know what that business looks like right now. If you already have a business, I can help you turn it around in less time than that.


Want to know more?

If you are serious about starting up your new business, give me a call on 07723 380 349 and book your initial no obligation chat.

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