Are you a professional musician?

Are you a great musician but struggle to understand the business side of things?

Are making enough money consistently?

Do you create and publish music, but don't see any monetary returns?

Do you love being a musician but do not know how to make more money?

Do you want have a successful musical career, creatively and financially?

If you answered yes to any of the above you are not alone, Read on.

 Let me help you, before you waste any more of your time hoping  for something to happen "magically".

Competition in this field is high...

Now you could be a composer, instrumentalist and/or a singer performing either in the studio or to a live audience.

You may work alone, as a freelance artist, a salaried musician. There are 8 common mistakes that all musicians make.

  • Charging per hour
  • Chasing record labels, agents, managers
  • Charging too low
  • Trying to making money by selling their music CDs/digital audio
  • Not building a brand
  • Trying to do too much without a strategy i.e teaching,  live performaces, creating music etc
  •  Money is not one of their values or too very low in the list
  • Not moving with the fast paced digital world

Most musician are great with their creative work, but fall flat when it comes to understanding the business / money side of things. This is where I come in.


Would you like to ...

become creatively and financially fulfilled?

My approach is super simple and effective - and really delivers results.

1:1 Coaching:

Six-month coaching programme is £997.

Here is what you get

  • Monthly online sessions
  • Ongoing Email and whatsapp support
  • A customized plan/stragetgy created just for you to implement
  • Idenifying and choosing the right marketing platforms
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Help with performance-related issues as performing and auditioning can be stressful for some musicians.

All with a simple goal to help you make more money, simple.

So do not waste your talent and time anymore, book your no obligation call now!


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