My vision is to see professional musicians create have successful musical careers creatively and financially


My mission is to help professional musicians make more money using proven strategies through 1:1 coaching


I work in partnership with my clients.

Together, we find the tools we need to achieve concrete goals, be they personal or professional.  

As a professional Coach I believe strongly in the ability of individuals to be masters of their own lives. 

My role as a coach is to create the space my clients need to be open, by asking questions, sharing ideas, challenging beliefs and discovering talents. 

I know that success in one area of life, begets success in another. I see it happening every day, in both my own life and those of others.

My Story and Why I Started this Business

Why I’m a coach

I’m frequently asked, ‘why did you become a coach?’
The truth is, it’s not a career I ever thought I would have. I was a successful IT consultant, and seemed to all my friends to be happy and fulfilled. 
I wasn’t. I enjoyed my work, up to a point, but I knew I had more to give. I dabbled in a few other businesses, but they failed. I was struggling. I was fascinated by psychology and human behaviour, but had no idea how (or if) I could turn that fascination into a career.
I thought travelling to Australia was the answer. I lasted four days before flying back to London, homesick. But those four days were life-changing. 
As soon as I got back, I knew I had to make a real effort to find something new. I could not keep on flailing and feeling like there was something missing. 
I signed up for an NLP course, and I loved it. I felt I’d come home. I quickly signed up for more coach training, and then founded Arora Training & Development.
Today, I offer one-to-one coaching, both in person and via Skype / Zoom or phone. I work with talented, action-oriented people who want to do more with their lives.

Why choose me?

My teachers, parents and everyone around me described me as some confident, sharp, outgoing and I also remember being all of those until…

I came to the UK at the age of 10 and went straight to school, that’s when the bullying started. I didn’t understand the British accent as it was too fast for me to grasp. So making friends became a real challenge. 
The world around me had changed so much I could not take it, so I turned to food. In a year time a become overweight no wait that’s a understatement I was obese. Now the bullying took an uglier turn. 
I hoped and wished everyday one day when I wake up school is finished, and I do not have to sleep sweating and worrying what’s tomorrow going to bring and wake the same way. 
No one seem to understand me they (teachers, parents, and relatives) all thought its just teenage drama. But I felt ashamed and embarrassed to tell them that I am being picked upon in school. 
Finally that  came day when my dream of school coming to and end came true, I was relieved. Not knowing what’s coming next. With no qualification as I just barely passed my GCSE’s. 
My options were very limited.
For many years after that I blamed my bad luck, my life, everyone around me. My confidence, self-belief had been shattered. I was on survival mode. As I knew I could never become anyone or anything of significance. 
I started to attract toxic relationships in my life, whether its romantic, work or in family. Because I became a toxic person.
Sometime in my early 20s my fortune started to turn around. I got into IT, had a great career. But soon found out I was fulfilling the wish of my parents of earning a income and having secure job. It left me unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
I wanted to unleash my self, be a CONFIDENT and COURAGEOUS guy. Like the guy in Billions, Harvey Spector or Mad men. 
You see all those years of conditioning from work, school, family, relatives, my environments made me forget what I was capable of and my own self-worth.
Until I started working with a coach, started reading personal development books, attended seminars and more importantly really working on myself. 
Coaching can produce extraordinary results. It is powerful, positive and life-changing, designed to help individuals like you to make significant changes to their lives by giving them the tools they need to take control. 
It’s not the only approach I use, but it does underpin much of my thinking. 
Today I am a Coach, Author and Speaker. It's been quite the journey.

Credentials (if it’s important to you)

  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited Coach
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker
  • DISC Method Certified
  • NLP Practitioner
  • iPec (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) Certified Coach
  • Professional Award in Train the Trainer by NCFE and ILM
  • Success Principles Certified Trainer

A little more about me…

  • I have loved music as far as I can remember, currently I am working through my grade 1 piano exam.
  • Music is the only subject I excelled in and passed from high school.
  • My favourite movies are The Life of Pi, and The Shift. I’ve watched the latter at least 15 times: it’s a compelling portrait of the life journeys of several people.
  • My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho It reminds me of the importance of following dreams and facing down obstacles. 
  • My favourite superhero is Goku of Dragon Ball Z fame. He loves a challenge and while he faces defeat, he always comes back stronger.
  • I am an information sponge, reading books and articles or listening to podcasts constantly.
  • I’m a gym junkie.
  • I love people. I’m constantly fascinated by people, their stories and their motivations. 

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