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Having been a qualified coach since May 2015, I have extensive experience working with clients who wish explore their next career move. My approach combines proven strategy, clear action plans and accountability. Before I can help you, it’s good to get to know each other, so I’ve added a little about me and my background below.


What is my why?

I’d love to say that it was my calling and I knew exactly what it was I wanted to do right from the beginning of my career, but the truth is, it wasn’t. It took years of personal struggle, money worries, a few failed business attempts, health concerns and a long career in IT before the penny dropped.

To understand my story, you must first understand my background.

My family moved to the UK in the 90’s and I went straight to school. That’s when the teasing and laughing began. I was bullied daily, and as a result, I found comfort in food, which subsequently led to weight gain and more bullying.

No one knew what I was going through. My teachers and family were confused, and all I did was hide out in my room after school eating, refusing to mix with the rest of the family. My grades dropped, I was piling on the pounds to the point I was obese, so I became a prime target for all the bullies in the school.

When I reached 16, I couldn’t take it any longer, so I dropped out of school and went to college, but my past was still haunting me and to be honest, I wasn’t passionate about achieving anything. I got a few part-time jobs and helped my dad out in his business. My life was at a dead-end – I felt like it was going nowhere fast. To make matters worse, I thought I’d be stuck in a mindless retail job forever.

As luck would have it, I fell into IT. With no experience, I worked my way up in a job I ended up doing for many years. Although rewarding in many ways, it still wasn’t me.

Then one day, I looked at myself in the mirror - and saw a person I didn’t even recognise. I knew I had to lose weight and get healthy, for my own good. Finally, after so many years I saw the sabotage I was inflicting on myself and the damage I was doing to my body and mind.

I knew I needed to CHANGE – get a different mindset – and I opened my arms and heart to it.

I started working out at the gym and was pleased and lucky to see quick results. This motivated me further. And I managed to lose a considerable amount of weight and eat healthily. I tapped into a new type of motivation that I never knew I had, and as a result, I transformed myself both physically and mentally.


So, how did this lead to becoming a qualified Coach, Trainer and Speaker?

I’ve always been interested in human potential, psychology and neuroscience, but when I was younger, I doubted my abilities to follow the psychology career path. After a very short stint in Australia (4 days…I got homesick), I signed up for an NLP course and trained with Dr Richard Bandler. I found that I really loved it, so much so that I later I did my coach training with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPec) and further training with America’s #1 Success Coach Jack Canfield.

Now I’m helping ambitious and motivated corporate employees who fell stuck in the wrong career exlore their next move


What about my spare time?

Whilst my day job is being an awesome coach, trainer and speaker, in my spare time I am a gym enthusiast, reader, golfer, traveller, and life-long learner.

Some highlights about me…

  • My favourite movie? The Shift. I’ve watched it at least 15 times: it’s a compelling portrait of the life journeys of several people.
  • My favourite book? The Alchemist. It reminds me of the importance of following dreams and facing down obstacles.
  • Inspirational people? Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Dalai Lama and Michael Jordon.

I’ve discovered that I am information sponge, reading books and articles or listening to podcasts constantly. I just love learning.

My fight against obesity has turned me into a gym junkie and I take my health and fitness very seriously.

I’m also a people-loving introvert. I’m constantly fascinated by people, their stories and their motivations and I can’t wait to talk to you about yours.

Get in touch to find out if we are a good fit to work together.

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