Bespoke coaching programmes

My bespoke coaching programmes can last from between three and six months. They will be unique and designed to achieve your specific goals. As part of the coaching programme you will get an action plan after each session to help you maximise your understanding of what has been discussed and to apply to your business to promote business growth.

The overall aim of the programme is to harness your business’s full potential, and this may be by streamlining your business or tackling personal issues which may be holding you back.

This programme is designed to:

  • Set specific goals and actions
  • Identify barriers to success and a strategy to mitigate them
  • Recognise areas of development and develop a plan
  • Create a clear vision of the end result with key milestones to measure success


I loved the deep dive and clarity from the start. I went to see Jasbir because I felt stuck in my business and wasn't doing the progress I wanted. Jasbir quickly and effectively helped me to uncover the exact area that made me feel overwhelmed and with his skilled questioning I was able to convert this area into an opportunity that would bring me a profit.

Jasbir support was invaluable. I left the session with a solid action plan that would assist me in making the changes. If you are serious about achieving results you must contact Jasbir, he will truly pinpoint your strengths and talents that will enable you to produce outstanding results.

Karolina Khan, Personal Development Coach 


To find out more about a bespoke coaching programme, contact Jasbir now on 07723 380 349


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