10 Reasons Why I Chose To Be A Life/Business Coach After Many Years In Corporate Cage

While looking up to people and getting inspired by their success stories, there comes a point where we imagine ourselves on a stage while sharing our story! There’s nothing more soothing than knowing someone succeeded or didn’t give up because of you. It gives purpose and meaning to your life. This is majorly the reason behind several people pursuing life/business coaching as a career! Besides that, who wouldn’t want to inspire the world and get paid for it?

However, there are many other benefits that come along with the satisfaction of money and fame. Following are my ten reasons of becoming a life/business coach:

Reason #1: Coaching is a Learning Experience

Since coaching is social interaction, it requires one to help the other in discovering his abilities and worth. During this process, the person who is the coach goes through a learning experience as well. Each person who reaches out for help comes as an opportunity for further self-exploration. Every personal interaction for them is an experience and an adventure. This helps the coach become efficient in his life as well. Creating a bond with the client helps the coach understand his life better resulting in better decision making.

Reason #2: You Become a Better Listener

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A very interesting reason of becoming a coach is that it increases your listening skills. Listening skills here do not only mean you’re able to hear properly and clearly, it means you understand better. It means you start to listen what isn’t even said. This is by expressions, mini expressions and body language. The certain unintentional body movements people make while speaking tells more about them and their situations than the words itself.

Reason #3: You hold the Authority

The best thing about becoming a life or business coach is that there isn’t anyone to boss over you. Everything you do and decide on doing is entirely dependent on your decision making.  You are no longer pressurised by an authority. However, regardless of how perfect this seems, having a hold of everything means you are entirely responsible for the decisions you make. This also means you’ll be equally held accountable for their outcomes.

Reason #4: You become an Example

The most compelling benefit of becoming a business/life coach is that people start looking up to you; they take inspiration from you. You receive fame and publicity, and people start writing about you. However, with this too comes great responsibility. Once you’re on the spotlight. You’re words matter the most. Everything you say must be everything you stand for and live by.

Reason #5: Self-fulfillment

Another compelling benefit of becoming a coach is that you receive personal contentment. Your heart is at peace as you know deep down you have helped someone; that because of you, someone is where they are today. It brings meaning and purpose to life. It becomes more of a selfless experience gradually. Due to this, you start becoming better and more humble as a person and in every aspect of life. Humans are connected to each other, therefore, when they help someone, it helps them back as well. The main purpose for us to be in this world is to contribute to each other and becoming a coach is exactly that.

Reason #6: Increases Abundance

Choosing to become a life coach means you’re rooting towards continuous abundance. That too, not in a particular aspect but in every aspect of your life. This includes your professional, personal and spiritual life as well. Coaching is an experience that opens doors to never-ending growth and exposure. No matter how high up you are, there’s still growth; career growth, personal growth, spiritual growth and of course financial growth as well.

Reason #7: Better Social Life

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Becoming a coach means you get to interact with all sorts of people. You gradually meet someone you know everywhere you go. Even though this might seem a bit too clingy right now, this is actually beneficial in the long run as it means you’ll have a PR and an amazing social life. You will come across people who create special bonds with you.

Reason #8: Self-help and Self-Care

Becoming a coach makes work for the betterment of people. On this road, you realise what is necessary to heal a person. Thus, you have the tools to help yourself as well. Becoming a life/business coach makes you have a better understanding of your capabilities which results in self-appreciation and further self-love. This is the most important benefit since you cannot love life if you do not love yourself.

Reason #9: You can become a Leader

Once you’ve successfully accomplished as a coach, you are now ready to take lead. Becoming a leader requires great expertise and precise qualities. The benefit is that becoming a coach requires almost the same. Therefore, it gets easier.

Reason #10: You Get to Travel

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A survey was conducted once amongst the people who were on their death-bed. The question was that what is that they regret not doing. Over 80 per cent of the people replied they regret not travelling around the world. Travelling is very beneficial for the emotional and mental well-being of a person. Not only that, it increases intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. It helps in dealing with depression, anxiety and several other mental issues and phobias. Moreover, travelling helps in gaining exposure and patience. It boosts your understanding of cultures and all the diversities in life. The best thing about travelling is getting a chance to taste every food around the world. The benefit of becoming a coach is that you get to travel the world and get to see the other sides of the world. Not to forget, interactions with people of every culture.


Choose your next move carefully whether thats new job, a change of career, becoming a freelancer or starting a business, if it doesn’t ignite your passion then you may find yourself in the same boat as your were in previous job. For me becoming a coach simply means becoming an inspiration. Who wouldn’t want that? A business/life coach is currently highly paid and respected around the world. Furthermore, I am able to expand my career by writing books, conducting workshops and training programs. It doesn’t end here either, I am also rooting towards public speaking and leadership programs. The decision of becoming a coach is certainly not just right but has been the most beneficial one for me. Somebody please, help us unlearn that a 9 to 5 routine lifestyle is better for our lives!

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