10 Reasons You Need To Plan Your Next Career Move..Before Its Too Late

The “9 to 5” grind in corporate world has been famous and the most common work structure since ages. It was initiated for the sole purpose of providing people with a balanced professional and personal life. However, contrary to popular belief, these corporate jobs have proven to have quite a negative impact on the life of so many people. Your job may provide for you, but what it takes in return is far more precious to life than just money.

Where working 9 to 5 in corporate was supposed to make things easier, all it has done is further complicate things. How? Well, above all, your job consumes a lot of energy; physical, mental and emotional which gradually decreases a person’s potential. Above all, it has some serious health disadvantages as well. However, there’s always a better option around if you look hard enough!

Below are 10 reasons you should think about making your next career move:

You Are Not Yourself Anymore

Regardless of the description of your job, the work environment somehow requires you to be someone you are not. Every day, you step into a workplace pretending to be someone you’re not and honestly, that is quite exhausting! The real you is trapped inside and it must be set free before it fades away. Whether your job demands a full-time sit and stare at the computer or has you running around to meet a certain target. It is time you accept this just isn’t for you! In order to be you, you need to do something that defines you; that does not shape you into something you are not.

You Feel Like a Robot

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This systematic routine of waking up every day and doing the exact same thing has had you wondering if the authorities even know you’re human. You feel boxed and life isn’t meaningful anymore. This pressure of being on time else a deduction in pay has started to frustrate you. You desire a bit of freedom but isn’t something you’ll find in there.

You don’t like Being Bossed Around

Well, believe it or not, you do work under someone’s authority. So, you’re probably going to encounter situations where you’ll be bossed around. However, the problem in several workplaces nowadays is that the authorities are a little too strict, and tend to get over the nerves at times. Especially when you request for days off.

Your Family Misses You

When was the last time you actually had a good long conversation with your family? The problem with your job is that it drains you emotionally as well. So even if you work from home and think you will be spending time with your family, it doesn’t matter as you’ll be emotionally drained and physically tired. You may miss out the parent-teachers’ meeting, you couldn’t be there on your mother’s birthday and there’ll probably be more moments you miss if you continue to be where you are.

You are feeling stressed/overworked/Burnt Out

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The most common drawback of a corporate jobs are that it has several health disadvantages. It decreases your physical health and develops back and neck problems. Majority of the people working in corporate jobs have their body aching every night. These long hours of continuous strain affect the body posture as well; especially if your job requirement is to sit for long hours. Moreover, this affects your blood circulation. Mostly because what you consider as physical activity is basically physical strain.

You Might Get Depressed

Another major problem you may have is working in your job for the wrong reasons without realising it, hence you dislike it and that makes you feel that life is meaningless. Doing something you have little to no interest in makes you disengaged, demotivated and irritable which is never considered healthy in the long run. This is because the job never fit your criteria to begin with and that never results in a content, peaceful and career fulfilled life. Also constant pressure might lead to anxiety and depression.

Office Politics

Office Politics is the worst. Besides work pressure, you have to make sure you fit in the circle because if you do not, you’re certainly going to encounter toxic situations and people. There are people who will make ends meet to make you look bad. You will find people who envy you and your progress. Even if you aren’t the victim, someone being victimised right in front you would be enough to emotionally drain you.

The Weekends aren’t enough!

From Monday, you wait for Friday to come and end just for a day off. That too, if the Saturdays are off. Sunday doesn’t count because you might just sit and rest but the stress starts to set back in. This is because every time you remind yourself it’s Sunday, you also remember tomorrow is Monday. ‘Stressful Monday’ is a real thing.

You Aren’t Appreciated Enough

The worst thing about your job might that you work relentlessly under pressure but do not receive the credit for it. Working in a firm means you are contributing to its success but not receiving recognition and appreciation for the efforts you invest, makes everything feel meaningless.

You Can’t Achieve your Dreams

Yes. You’re probably never going to achieve your dreams and ambitions if you continue in your current job. This is because you’re already investing your physical, emotional and mental strength. So, your plate is full. Besides, you’re only going to get a limited number of days off. Where is that going to get you?

So what options do you have and what is key?

Well there are several options you can find a new job that fits your life, become a freelancer, change careers to something more suited to you or start a business. The key ingredient is what feeds your passion, fuels your motivation and lets you reach your full potential. Choosing a career path which takes you on a journey of self-exploration and freedom. Your dream becomes your purpose and things go the way you want them too. Of course, not everything is easy, but this is definitely worth it. You get to give time to your family. You no longer live a pressurised routine and you can equally maintain your personal and professional life.

So, before you encounter any of these or even worse, it’s best for you to explore and plan you next career move with great thought. Remember, every moment counts. You deserve a life you’ve dreamt of living.

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