Guts, courage, determination and college degree—well let’s leave out that last ingredient. Is the pressure of paying student loans really worth acquiring that single piece of paper? Where this question has changed the lives of many, it is the powerful force driving the passion of hundreds of graduates, waiting to enter the corporate world.


As a new batch of high school graduates is being prepared to take on adulthood and professional life, they are faced with the challenge to take the life-changing decision of when, where and which college to go. Education is crucial, no denying that. But, is college education actually the stepping stone for success?


With increasing tuition fees and student loan debts, many people give up on the idea of going to college. Does it mean that college is the only path to be successful? That’s a definite no. The phenomenon of entrepreneurship was considered as a gig, a fleeting trend—it has become the career path and aspiration of thousands.


Well, if you are one of those dreamers, here’s your daily dose of inspiration to keep you motivated on going the extra mile to succeed in your career:


1. Michael Dell:

Dell, rings any bell? The mind behind one of the modern tech giants. Known for his highest grade computer systems and laptops, the company was founded by a college dropout. Michael dropped out of the University of Texas in the first years of his pre-med graduate program. Started from a regular dorm room at the age of 19, he ended up getting listed in Fortune 500 as the youngest CEO at the age of 27. Currently, owning Manhattan’s most expensive penthouse in One57, the net worth of Michael Dell is supposed to be $41.3 billion as of May 2019.


2. Travis Kalanick:

If you follow tech news and happenings, the name of Travis might sound familiar. From being the co-founder of peer-to-peer file sharing app named as Scour and content delivery network of Red Swoosh, Travis is better known for his famous transportation network app, Uber. Started his educational journey as a computer engineer, he dropped out of UCLA to work on his Scour’s start-up. Even though the company went bankrupt, Travis continued following his passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Now with the current net worth of $3.6 billion (– all thanks to Uber) he is the 115th richest person of America as per the Forbes 400 list.


3. Daniel Ek:

What’s life without some good music and what’s music without a great Spotify list? Music streaming has never been this easy before, all credits to Daniel Ek. A technology enthusiast since childhood, Daniel started his career at the age of 13 by selling websites online. After dropping out of KTH Royal Institute of technology as a pre-engineering student, Ek founded Spotify in the early 2000s. With millions of active users, Daniel Ek is recognized as one of the most influential persons in the music industry. With the total net worth of $1.9 billion, Ek owns most of the stakes of Spotify.


4. Larry Ellison:

Brought up by adoptive parents who wanted him to become a doctor, Larry is now famously known for Oracle. With no proper computer education, technical knowledge and financial support to back his startup, Larry Ellison is the true personification of what success actually looks like. Giving a tough competition to the database like Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase, Oracle is what led Ellison to get listed on Forbes. A dropout of the University of Illinois, Larry enjoys a total net worth of $65.6 billion along with a 50% share of the BNP Paribas Open—one of the biggest tennis tournaments.


5. Jan Koum:

An immigrant programming enthusiast who started his professional life as a cleaner at a grocery store. Jan Koum struggled all his life to get into a college, only to drop out of it right before graduation. Dropped out Jan was hired by Yahoo, later got rejected by Facebook—ended up making a messaging app named as WhatsApp. Later, it was acquired by Facebook Inc. in 2014. Hate being called an entrepreneur, Jan Koum is reported to have a total net worth of $10.1 billion as of 2019.


6. Evan Williams:

Grew up in the family-run farm of Nebraska, Evan Williams started as a freelance computer programmer. He started working for companies like Hewlett-Packard and Intel. Attended only three semesters at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln before quitting college, only to be named in MIT Technology Review TR100 as the top 100 innovators list. Innovation was his innate trait, and he ended up innovating online socializing. He introduced three of the biggest digital publishing sites, namely, Twitter, Medium and Blogger. Ev left his job at Google only to become a billionaire with a total net worth of $2.4 billion as of 2019.


7. Mark Zuckerberg:

The name is as famous as internet creation—Facebook. It took only 5 minutes for the 5th Wealthiest man to drop out of Harvard. Born in a family with a medical background, Mark was known as programming prodigy before he even reached college. Built only for fun, Mark became a dorm room legend when he officially launched the site in 2004.

He later moved to Silicon Valley after finishing sophomore years to build’s world largest digital social network. With the sole mission to make the world easily accessible, Facebook now has more than 1 billion active users. With a staggering net worth of $70.5 billion, his journey and his creation are surely a source of inspiration for the ones looking for it.



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Success is the product of pure determination, enthusiasm for what you love doing and a whole of lot perseverance. Becoming a successful entrepreneur demands courage to take risks, motivation to innovate and the spirit to pursue your dreams.

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