Health and Wellness for the Busy Professionals & Entrepreneurs

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The business industry is fast-paced and cutthroat. To stay afloat, people would work for 18 straight hours, 6 days a week. Putting in as much hours as you can into your work would seem ideal but not everyone is built for it. Despite this fact, we try our hardest to pull off those long hours. This mentality leads to devastating repercussions. The first one would be health and wellness.

Your business is a direct extension of you.

What we fail to understand is the inter-connectedness of health and wellness and our business. When you are not healthy and well enough, you cannot be expected to perform to the best of your ability. Our minds will fail to function when we do not pay enough attention to our health and wellness. 

Serena Sabala made it her duty to remind busy professionals and entrepreneurs to take care of themselves first. From the young age of 8, she became conscious of how important health and wellness is. This stemmed from seeing how her entrepreneur father got burnt out because of neglecting his health and wellness. 

A lot of us think that health and wellness is a hubris, something that we can do without. Yes, it can be if you think health and wellness is something along the likes of getting buff and whatnot. The real essence of health and wellness is looking after yourself so that you can go after what you want.

Three Pillars of Wellness

Focus, food and fitness. These three hold up your entire health and well-being. If you pay more attention to one more than the rest, the whole thing falls apart. Each pillar affects the other, so a little too much or too less wouldn’t result in anything. To improve your health and well-being, you must make small, incremental improvements on all three at the same time. Big dramatic change at one go is much harder to turn into second nature because you don’t have enough time to acclimatize to it. Your goal is to turn these small improvements into second nature. Your goal is transformation and not merely change.

It pays to switch to plant-based foods

it’s important to understand that anything that humans need, you can get it from plants.

Turning vegan or vegetarian isn’t everybody’s jam. Good news is, you don’t actually have to completely become one to eat healthy. You just have to make the shift towards eating as many plant-based foods as you can. Stop the thinking that eating plant-based food is a diet or you are sacrificing something. And if occasionally if you get the cravings for meat, then go ahead. Remember,

It’s not what you do occasionally that’s going to make a huge impact on you or the world, it’s what you do all day, every day, three times a day.


When you’re out there in the world, making waves with your ingenious ideas, you feel unstoppable. There’s no time for distractions. Not even if that distraction is your much needed rest. But the truth is that we’re only human. There is a limit to what we can do.

Taking care of yourself is really your greatest responsibility in life and should be your number one priority because that’s the only way that you can truly be your best, give your best and be of greatest contribution to those around you and the world as a whole.

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