How To Slide Into A New Career?

Have you been fluctuating into the choice of more than one career for some time? Or, have you been longing to break into another career path but don’t really know how to step into that?


At times, we get confused. We think about different options. We dream about pursuing a work that we believe we best fit in. But then, we get a notification of payments deposited into the bank account. We stop with some perpetual questions in our minds. How can we risk our salary and get a switch? Navigating into a new direction might not be as easy as it seems. Some other similar thoughts swing into our minds, and we move on.


Do we really move on? No, we don’t, not at all. Every time we get into the old tedious job, we think about the career switch. We think, “what if I was into that career path.” You think about the excellence you could deliver only if you were in that specific career. Whenever you see someone doing that very job, you unconditionally involve it. You participate in the process, get things done, enjoy the overall experience and make others happy. This all happens since you best fit into that very job but again, the thoughts of career switch may worry you. But you have to do it once; you need to take a chance. Only if you take a chance, you will get to know the wonders it can do. It takes courage to make miracles happen.


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Once you decide to get into a new career, you can get through two significant challenges; the correct identification of the job you would actually fit into, and breaking into that career.


In order to identify a true career for you, you cannot merely discover it by imagining it. You have to discover it by doing it and realizing what it takes to do it. Moving into a new career usually does not work in usual ways a person get a job. When you apply with a CV with no prior experience, the HR dismissively overlook your CV and move on. Recruiters would not consider your CV with a completely different past experience, and that is something definitely not surprising. This is how they are supposed to do their jobs. At this point, you are the one who needs to do things differently, take smart steps and dive into a career switch.



Start efficiently!

This instant, you need to start as a player and rather not an employee. Do something that attracts employers to get you in. yes, instead of drudging with the hassles of sending a CV and walking into interviews, start it from you. Turn your focus to something that excites you; however, it doesn’t say at all to not being serious about your job. Work meticulously to turn things work for you but keep it in your own way, the way that suits you and makes you fetch results.



Take Action

You need to do things practically. Go with a field that you think you would love to be in even if it doesn’t earn you a lot. Set a short span of your daily time for an activity related to your passion. Start a project for a month, set your target and work daily for a short period of time on a daily basis to reach your monthly milestone. Do something that really makes you proud and give you a ton of satisfaction at the end of the month.



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You can start by writing a blog about the industry you would want to move into. It gives you a virtual exposure to that industry and prepares you for the real exposure. You can also start by helping someone already in the industry and gain experience by working with them.


When you get some experience in hands, it will be easier and practically possible for you to step into that career path. Find out as much as you can about the field you are looking to pursue so that you can observe things ta first hand. You can go and ask for help from your college career counselors. They may help you find about alumni volunteers who would host job seekers. Spend some hours with the experts in your new career at weekends and voluntarily do some tasks for them. Look for some volunteer and freelance activities near you and actively participate in those activities.


You probably would need to give extra efforts in the beginning, but gradually when things start to fix into their places, you will see harmony in your life. You would soon be noticing people enquiring about your work. This will be a boost to your career. When you see people inspiring and loving your work, you would definitely feel encouraged to move forward.


Since the people around us have an influence on us, they can be a great source of motivation for us. Share your success with others and let them know about your accomplishments. Keep going on and when you have something valuable with you, start with the job hunt. Show your employers your achievements and impress them with something you did out of your dedication and passion for the job. Or in the other case, you might be hired by a potential employer who comes to know about your project. The more you put the effort into your project the better are the chances for you to get hired by an employer.



The key here is the amount of passion you put into your new career. Work hard and give your best for sliding into the work you love. You might face hurdles and difficulties, be consistent and keep putting on efforts. You will soon be acquired with a totally unexpected outcome.

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