Identifying your Passion and Aligning to Success

Do you feel frustrated by doing the same work over and over again? Or, do you think your current job is stopping you from fulfilling other goals and ambitions? Is the only motivation for your job is the paycheck you get at the end of the month?


In this article, I am going to address people who have repeatedly thought about pursuing their careers in a way they want or those who look for having an independent and enjoyable work life. A basic setback for them is a lack of courage and direction. There are many other obstacles as well, but if the person is brave enough to make a decision, they can take the cake.


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There is a mass of people who have intense dislike and hatred for their job. In such cases, you are bound to perform a job as instructed by others and get a paycheck for that. However, what lacks here is peace, meaning, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment in your job. If you do not love your job, the basic hindrance in leaving that is the change in income that might occur. You might be confused and fear change, and experience a lack of clarity.


Traditionally and conventionally, Work is understood as something you can do to survive, and there is no concept of joy and dreams you can experience through work. However, there can be a “luxury” in work instead of only surviving. You need to cultivate a few characteristics in you; namely, courage and consistency. First of all, you need to identify clearly what is the work you love and want to pursue as your career.


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Nature has gifted everyone with unique skills and abilities. Everybody has unique characteristics, passions, dreams, and values. These skills and abilities make you ideal for the job you love from within. These areas can help us distinguish among different nature of work and what suits us the best. These patterns give us a proper direction for pursuing a specific career.


First and foremost, it is critical to understand that work is not a curse but a favor from nature. Identifying and pursuing a career that you perfectly fit in is not just a personal goal but also a much-needed component to serve humanity.


To pursue the work you love is worthy. The problem remains there since people are usually afraid of losing their jobs and not getting better compensation for that. They are confused and have out of the direction. They find it difficult to make a decision, etc.


Let me suggest a solution to getting on the job you love in a short period.


Embrace your purpose and create your plan for two months. It usually takes 20 to 60 days to make a new habit. If you commit yourself to stay focused for two months, you can win the game. Don’t knock out and particularly do not procrastinate in this period.


If you want your dreams to come true and experience the overwhelming joy of doing work that releases your strongest abilities and passions, start with embracing your purpose. Share it with others, let people know about your plans. Oftentimes, People hide their aims until they achieve it, however, sharing your ideas and aims will give you the confidence to achieve them. It helps you find them reachable. Moreover, you somehow get a sense of commitment with others to turn your idea into reality.


What you need to do next is practice; a daily practice. Devote 30 minutes of each day for two months. Be consistent about doing your work daily. Don’t drag your daily commitments to the weekends as your goals can become more reachable if you digest a small portion every day.


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Another practical approach is to write down your plan. When you write things down, they are closer to accomplishment. So, don’t rely on vague thinking because you cannot accelerate to the next action unless you have a clear plan in your hand.


The Suggested Plan 

Here is the plan which should do the job for you.


Week 1

Start from day one, Plan and outline, and see yourself achieving and accomplishing your plans and commitments you have at hand. Sign the plan and start. When you are done with the plan, move on to the understanding that what is the definition of “work” for you. Does your existing job match with the work you were born to do? Recap your work history and estimate your losses, gains, and requirements throughout that period. Talk to at least two people about your passion and vocation job. Try to inspire them with your idea. Look for the people who can mentor you pursuing the work you love. Contact them and ask if they can help you.


Week 2

By the second week, you might have found many of your answers and are better able to move on. If you have any confusion regarding work, think about your decision-making skills and how they have affected your life. Try to get suggestions from others, think about the alternatives and go for the best alternative. In the second week, understand that a purposeful work would incorporate your skills, characteristics, and values. By the end of this week, try to identify your skills and list your personality traits. Look within yourself and list your passions and dreams and start believing that you are responsible for how your life turns out.


Week 3

By week 3, make a list of a few work types that are a combination of your skills, characteristics, and passions. Then you need to refine two or three of the strongest areas of your competence and be true to those competencies. Now connect to people who are already doing the job you want to do. It will give an idea of the work nature and boost your confidence in doing the same job.

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Week 4

During this week, completely focus on what you are going to do and erase all the memories associated with what you used to do before. Make the estimations of what you can earn and be confident.


Week 5 & 6

Try to find someone who started working entrepreneurially and failed. But then they continue to work persistently and achieved great success. Talk to that person and ask about their experience. Analyze their experience and make decisions by getting for more information. Talk to the people already working in prospective fields.


Week 7 & 8

Talk to the people who have started their startups and switched to their choice of jobs. Learn from their insights and take inspiration. Meanwhile, continue to work on the job you love daily. By the end of this week, start working on your plan and be consistent with it. Do not look back and keep on working with strong faith. You will be happy finding that how purposeful, peaceful and profitable your “job” will be.


Ending Note: 

Once you start acting on the above plan, let me know about your progress. I would love to know and discuss the end outcome of your journey. Good luck!

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