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We all want to have the perfect life. A life where you have a high paying job while doing what you love. But there is a supposed chasm between these two. Only a select few can actually do both. And we see these people as if they’ve uncovered some secret knowledge to the universe. They haven’t.

Tracy Timm was like the rest of the entirety of the modern workforce. She claimed herself to have been blinded by the shiny job that pays well and has good benefits. Not only did she loathe her job, but she had no idea about it. This seemingly unfortunate turn of events forced her to know herself better. She developed the Nth degree academy as a result.

We are all the same in our uniqueness. So let us celebrate our uniqueness. Let’s be firm to ourselves and not conform to be in a job that our parents, peers and even what society expects us to be in. The first half of Timm’s 7-step process pays homage to this.

Know where you are now

Facing reality will be excruciating. But you need to get a clear picture of your situation. Ask yourself these questions: What isn’t working? Why isn’t it working? 

Aside from your situation, you also must be clear on your core values. Sustainable success is only possible if your job should be anchored on your talents and passion. If you agree with the earlier statement, then you can make this as one of your core values. Know your situation and core values in order for you to make commitments to yourself.

Nature and Nurture

The simple explanation for nature and nurture is that this is the combination of your abilities and your experiences. Nature is composed of all the things that you are good at. Nurture on the other hand is all the things that you learned over time. This may not be related to your job but they are valuable skill sets, knowledge and expertise that come from life experiences.

Discover your Niche

Your niche is your comfortable or suitable position in life or employment where you can thrive. Identifying your niche is where the two earlier steps helps. Discovering your niche is important since it’s impossible to thrive in an environment that is not suited for you.

Self-evaluation isn’t going to be easy. It’s hard to keep an objective outlook on yourself since your attachment to the situation can cloud your judgement. Seeking to work this out with a coach will help . They can offer a perspective on things that you might not see on your own. 

…Network and navigate are huge because it helps us really guard against our assumptions that we’re making and guard against decisions that we’re making out of fear and enroll people in our process.

The second half of the process is concerned on how to go out in the world and make it a reality by actually doing. This can be done first through building a network process. Wherein you are leveraging people who already want to help you. You make them a part of your career journey and process. This can be an old colleague whom you’ve built a connection with. What you’re asking from these people is a buy-in.

Asking questions like: Can you introduce me to somebody? Do you know a company that does that? Are you aware of anybody who’s hiring? 

Aside from this, you must also have to use strategies to determine if what you’re trying to pursue is right for you. Before making the ultimate decision of flipping your career upside down, you must first navigate. You must first test drive your decision. This can be done through freelancing, volunteering and the like. 

The nth degree is not a linear process. It’s circular. Change is constant and in order to adapt you must nourish where you are. Once you’ve landed that job you wanted, you restart the process again. You reevaluate by asking these questions:

Am I honoring my values? Am I living true to my commitments? Am I being myself everyday? Am I living the life that I really want?


Bravery I’ve found is the number one component here that takes certain people from stuck to unstoppable.

Taking yourself out of the unease of being in a job that you hate will take time. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. You just have to have courage and bravery to get out of the situation. But first must decide for your own self that you want something different. And that would need a lot of bravery since you have to face uncertainties. After that? Follow the nth degree and you’re good to go.

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