How To Find Your Life Purpose and Make a Living From It



Are you stuck in a 9-5, feeling unfulfilled but have no idea on how to change your situation or what is it you want to do?

Do you believe that you are here for a far greater purpose? 

Do you want clarity on how to turn your passion into a business?


This book will show you:

  • 10 Steps to get clarity on your purpose
  • 9 Essential Skills you need to make it a reality
  • 10 fears that stop you from taking action
  • Why it’s so important to be doing what you love
  • What life is like when you are achieving your goals, feel fulfilled and living a purposeful life


Praise for Only The Brave Have Fun


“To live without regret is somehow my religion. Jasbir’s transformation speaks itself the importance of knowing your purpose and go for it. As an entrepreneur, I personally think it is crucial to take charge of life in order to create the life I desire. This book shows step by step to find your life purpose in order to create your reality and also what’s next.  I believe Jasbir inspires many people who share the same situation in the career path. All of this will not happen, but only the Brave will have Fun in life. “

 –  Mutita Panmook, CEO of Extraordinarily By Mutita




“Only The Brave Have Fun passionately guides you through exactly what it promises to do – to find your purpose and make a living from it. Fascinating to see real-life examples of how the author, Jasbir, has transcended through the stages from a time in his life where he once felt very lost and without true meaning in his life. He shares a clear “how-to” methodology that the reader can embrace and step into their courageous and purposeful life.”

  Samantha Houghton – Award-winning Author, Ghostwriter and Book Coach



“I have been on a journey of finding my soul purpose in life. I am destined to find my true purpose that will be really impactful but unsure of what is it at the moment. I am focused and on a journey to find this, whatever it takes. We’ve been brought into this world to follow what really makes us happy and living life to give back, this is our true purpose and then you can live a life of bliss. This is why Jas’s book really resonated with me because his steps and his own journey really reflect on how to find your purpose and it can be as simple as a writing journal. Jas is an amazing human being and he really willing to do anything to help people. I would really recommend his book if you really serious about finding your purpose and I was really hooked reading his book even though I am not much of a reader but I was really hooked and the process was so easy to understand along with him providing his own inspiring story. I am giving this book a 5-star rating because it’s not easy finding your purpose if you don’t know the steps and it will take some time but with Jas’s book it’s like he is with you all the way through the process. “

 –  Himat Varsani, Fulfilment Associate with Amazon



“Via endearing storytelling Jasbir shares his own personal journey, his struggles, his transformation and acknowledges the teachers he met along the way. In doing so he connects with the reader in a way which inspires and invites people to be the change they want to see in life by finding the courage to dig deeper into themselves to discover their purpose and live a life of alignment true to their values and who they want to be. The book provides practical hints and tips to support people on this discovery which are formulated as reflective questions encouraging the reader to find the answer within themselves. Jasbir explores the myths and obstacles that every entrepreneur faces which challenge the reader to step outside their comfort zone and create the life they want. A book for those who are contemplating their own business to help them reflect on their “why”  and fight off their inner critic. Also a helpful insightful book for those wishing to transition to living a more  meaningful life.”

         –  Deborah Baas, HR Operational Excellence Manager Shell


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