I coach people who are currently in a corporate role but are ready to step up and create their own lifestyle business. Often, working in a corporate environment can be a safe option – the pay is usually very good, but you are often left feeling there is something missing, or you feel constrained by the rules and expectations of others.

As the UK Specialist Start-up Coach, my mission is to offer another path, to encourage people like you to be brave and launch yourself onto your own path to success. In order to do this, I offer three main services:

  • Business start-up programme, for those who want to start-up a new business.
  • Bespoke coaching programme, for those of you who have a business, but want to add some rocket fuel and get it making more money for you.
  • Short sharp strategy sessions – for those of you who just need a boost from time-to-time and want to discuss discrete business issues.

It’s quite normal to be unsure of the best next step.

If you want where you are today to take you to where you want to be tomorrow, then call me on 07723 380 349 to discuss the way forward.


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