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5 Apps You Will Not Regret for Having Subscription

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily routine. From calls and communication to fitness tracking, entertainment, and business, we use apps for them daily. Smartphones are, no doubt, one-stop joy, and work devices. Life seems incomplete without it. Today I will talk about 5 apps that I love to use daily and can’t imagine using them without a subscription. Is it worth it to subscribe to these apps each month? Yes! For a small amount, I reap benefits and enjoy them for most things.

Following are 5 apps that you won't regret buying a subscription for.

1. Audible

Audible is not just a podcast service but also an online American audiobook repository that you can use to stream audiobooks and podcasts. The app has numerous books and has different kinds of book genres for your liking.

Reading is an exciting hobby for many of us, at least for me. Reading books can bring joy, drama, knowledge, and reading books sounds time-consuming, so to solve this problem you have audiobooks. You can listen to audiobooks while doing different things or chores like enjoying your favorite books when you are at the gym, walking, or even if you are busy doing other stuff. Audiobooks are read by great narrators around the world. New books are introduced, among other fascinating features; in the meantime, we can also enjoy the podcast. As compared to physical books, audible books help us save a ton of time, and not only this, it also increases our hearing powers and makes our brain more active.

2. Amazon Kindle/Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle is Amazon’s digital way of reading books without having a paper book; you can read them digitally on a small tablet device, on their proprietary e-ink books, or your mobile. You can buy books and pay for each book. The major benefit I found with using kindle, was not keeping shelves full of books that I paid for and not having space to put them and wouldn’t read some of them. With increased reading and buying paperback books, I didn’t have room left for new books.

The best feature here is kindle unlimited, with which you can read and listen to all the books that you want for one monthly price granting you access to their complete library. The best benefit I consider reading books with a kindle subscription is that it enhances our vocabulary. Moreover, we can enjoy our hobby now in a digital way. We don't have to take care of books as we do for physical books.

3. Read Wise

Read-Wise is kind of a game-changer for those people who want to remember and highlight things that they have read, whether that may be a student of some sort or someone who tends to consume a lot of information. People read what they love to, and at some point, they want to remember some particular line, words, or quote that they think can change their lives. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, all this becomes a distant memory, but here is something which read-wise intends to solve this problem differently.

4. Shortform

Shortform is way more than book summaries, but that is a big part; they have guides to over 1,000 non-fiction books. There are new books, new guides, new articles every week, and members get to vote on what books come up next. Shortform provides its users with a short yet in-depth summary of any book they are willing to read; thus, saving time. Reading books requires time most of the time because they consist of hundreds of pages, so if you are planning to read any of your favorite books so you can go on shortform to analyze and to have a quick overview of that book you are going to read is worth your time or not? In most scenarios, people start reading any random book just because they love the title or heard rumors about it, knowing its story or moral. Shortform has a massive library of book summaries, so you can read them before investing your time into any book.

5. Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming app having millions of podcasts and never-ending music. They have paid as well as a free version. In their free version, you can’t skip songs or make your list to enjoy or keep an offline copy of the songs. The premium version gives you complete control and is not blasted with ads to dampen your experience which I didn’t find when I subscribed to Apple music. Apple Music also didn’t allow me to find new playlists and artists based on music I listen to like Spotify does. I usually use Spotify while doing gym exercises, so I hate ads when they pop up during my weightlifting. So, I don't feel regret paying them for fantastic services.


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