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How a Vision Board Yearly Help You Achieve Your Goals

We all make resolutions at the beginning of every new year. Most of the time, we get into making resolutions because that's what everyone does in the new year, or maybe we want to start afresh to live a better and more productive life.

I have made it a habit of starting my new year by carefully making a vision board for the last five years. I begin by recounting what I had achieved the previous, and I started doing it in December, so I already have an idea of what should go on the vision board. Let me take you through effectively making one yourself and how it can help you achieve your goals and improve on the lessons, you have learned.

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board visually represents what you want to achieve. It can be pictures of your goals, places you want to travel, project you want to start, or start a habit you always want to add to your routine. The pictures and notes help you look at every day and remind you of what goals you can achieve and which ones can be done first.

Do Vision Boards Work and Make an Impact?

The first question has the answer: Can you get a six-pack if you don't work out or go to a gym? Of course not; to achieve something, you actively must make an effort. Achieving your goals depends on how you approach them.

Sometimes you don’t achieve all your goals within a given period of time. For example, if you start working out for six-packs, you haven’t gotten them yet but now have an action plan like a workout routine. You have learned about how you can further that goal for now. That’s an achievement you can be proud of. Effort counts for a lot more than you can imagine.

What Should I do To Make a Vision Board for My Goals?

While some think of pictures and images when they think of a vision board, as I said in my starting comments, it doesn’t have to be about finding the best-looking images from an old magazine. It can be the most important points or steps you can or want to follow. You can write down what you want to achieve as a checklist.

You can also make a hybrid of both as I do. I make a list of what I want to achieve and add the most appropriate or motivating picture with it, if needed, by searching on google. Paste the images with or without the list in Microsoft word. I then changed the orientation to landscape mode and print it. You can use an online printing service and turn it into a poster or from a printer if you have one.

This way, I take these printed lists with or without images, post them on my vision board, and keep the board where I can see them every day. If you don't want to print it for a physical board, you can keep your digital vision board as a desktop background on your PC or mobile. The Vision board is now done.

What to Include for Ideas or Goals for a Vision Board?

As you can see from my shared vision board, I have made a hybrid board with essential images that can show my goals with some meaningful quotes or written tasks or goals. From it, you can see what goals I have set for myself like:

  • Consistently wake up at 5 am and make the most out of my day

  • Meditate for 1 hour a day.

  • Improve my fitness and improve eating habits

  • Read 10 pages a day consistently

  • Make time for more quality time with friends and family.

  • Practice my piano and guitar.

  • Travel more and in luxury

  • Some of my goals for 2022:

    • Work from anywhere, any place, any time on my terms

    • Writing a high-quality blog post to share my experiences

    • Have more self-discipline

    • Be more consistent in what I do

  • Start a YouTube channel and hit 10k subscribers.

Here is my vision board for 2022



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