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Arora Training & Development Limited holds the right to share information if we believe that it is the requirement of the situation or a necessity to do so in order to identify you, in order to contact you or bring legal action against a person who be liable of infringement or may cause loss or injury to the property of another or someones website could be harmed from their activities.

Furthermore, we have the right to share this information without providing you prior notice in case of legislative matter or judicial notice. It is a legal requirement that we disclose this information and also a sign of good faith. If our privacy policy is subject to change or being transferred, acquired by someone else we will inform you beforehand. We will inform you by email or a notice on our website.

We have made our privacy policy according to GDPR and request all our users to thoroughly read and understand the information herein. We comply with the legislation as much as possible, however if any of the information included in this document is unclear or ambiguous please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We will be pleased to help you and provide you the information that you require.

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