Jasbir has helped me gain clarity on managing finances in such a simple way. Had been struggling and juggling and didn’t knew where to use the extra money. He made me prioritize life. Thank you, Jasbir.


I loved the deep dive and clarity from the start. I went to see Jasbir because I felt stuck in my business and wasn’t doing the progress I wanted. Jasbir quickly and effectively helped me to uncover the exact area that made me feel overwhelmed and with his skilled questioning I was able to convert this area into an opportunity that would bring me a profit.

Jasbir support was invaluable. I left the session with a solid action plan that would assist me in making the changes. If you are serious about achieving results you must contact Jasbir, he will truly pinpoint your strengths and talents that will enable you to produce outstanding results.


Karolina Khan, Personal Development Coach 

Karolina Khan

I’d never had a life coaching session before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Jasbir has a really friendly demeanor and I felt at ease talking to him straight away.

The coaching session felt like it flowed naturally, nothing felt forced – it was more like an informal chat with a friend!

With Jasbir’s guidance, I came to some valuable realizations about myself and my approach to my business which will be useful for me going forward. He also gave me some tools and techniques that I can use in achieving my goals.

I would definitely recommend Jasbir, especially if you are a bit nervous or unsure about coaching as he has a lovely warm energy.

Sarah Lou, Professional Marketer

Sarah Lou

I just want to thank you for opening a direction I have never thought off. Talking to you suddenly makes sense on how to approach a relationship. I since talk less and listen more. Thank you very much for your help.


Jolie Feza

Jasbir Arora is a exceptional at coaching. He helped me with insights and strategies to deal with many of my life issues and an amazing person. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach. Thank you Jasbir

Jack Dawhra, Entrepreneur 



Jack Dawhra

Upon my first meeting with Jasbir, I knew I wanted to work with him. He’s very personable, positive and an intuitive listener. He’s a passionate coach and genuinely wants to help others reach their top potential and fulfillment in life. It was my pleasure  to be coached by Jasbir around the ELI Assessment tool and it is life changing. I would highly recommend anyone looking to maximize their potential to partner with Jasbir.

Karina Fin, Recruiter & Talent Management

Karina Fin

I have to say I did not know exactly what to expect from our session, I only knew that I wanted to have the experience, however, I have to say our session helped me to realise that there are a few things in my life that not longer serve me so it’s time to let them go. I started to see things in a new way and all I want is to achieve my goals no matter what. Jasbir asked me questions that helped me to notice that and even to see and feel changes that I can make now in order to achieve my goals. Thank you so much for your time and for being fully present in this coaching session. Lots of love from Colombia, Carolina.

Carolina Bolaños A, ThetaHealing Practitioner

Carolina Bolaños A

I went to see Jasbir regarding some life coaching, specifically looking at my career to date and setting new goals for the future. From the outset I realised that one to one coaching really is the way to go if you want real change in your life. Videos, books and seminars are great, but if you want  get to the next level, then you need to be held to account by someone else.  You need to find someone that you can trust and help personalise the steps you need to take to move forward. Jasbir isn’t going to be your surrogate friend and say what you want to hear.  Jasbir is going to be your guide,  he’s really going to listen to what you have to say, then dive deeper to  address anything that may be holding you back. Or as he pointed out, helping you ‘ get out of your own way’.  I’ve really enjoyed the regular sessions I’ve held with Jasbir, not just because of the focus and care he gives to each season. I feel that I’ve made real stride forwards, the progress is real and measurable.  have no hesitation in recommending his coaching services.

Steve Sookun, Project Manager

Steve Sookun
Steve Sookun

I began working with Jasbir when I just started my sabbatical leave. Having worked in a multinational energy company for over 14 years, I wanted to spend big part of my time off work to look ‘inward’, re-discover the purpose of (my) life and to find the path that will allow me to fully express my capability. In that context, I am deeply grateful for the 12 coaching sessions that I had with Jasbir; his coaching approach and personal style effectively challenge my somewhat-fixed thinking envelope, safely but confidently help me to confront my doubts and fears as well as to inspire me to take risks and to leverage my strengths. He is action-oriented coach and he is all about results. And that’s just what I needed! 

Kuswadi Hedeir, HR Executive/Coach

Kuswadi Hedeir, HR Executive/Coach | Arora Coaching
Kuswadi Hedeir

Jasbir was born to Coach and what makes Jasbir stronger in his ability to connect on a really deep level with his clients is his own rich life experience. 

Working with Jasbir, I have learned the power of appreciating every journey step.  Of looking up and taking stock of everything that is wonderful in the here and now.  Life suddenly is so much sweeter and ironically, you can achieve everything you desire much faster.

Jasbir’s coaching is holistic and focuses entirely on the client.  He uses powerful techniques to shift your energy levels, to motivate and to inspire. 

Don’t let an opportunity to work with Jasbir pass you by. 

Sanae Floyd, Business Coach

Sanae Floyd | Arora Coaching
Sanae Floyd
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