Kuswadi Hedeir

Kuswadi Hedeir, HR Executive/Coach | Arora Coaching

I began working with Jasbir when I just started my sabbatical leave. Having worked in a multinational energy company for over 14 years, I wanted to spend big part of my time off work to look ‘inward’, re-discover the purpose of (my) life and to find the path that will allow me to fully express my capability. In that context, I am deeply grateful for the 12 coaching sessions that I had with Jasbir; his coaching approach and personal style effectively challenge my somewhat-fixed thinking envelope, safely but confidently help me to confront my doubts and fears as well as to inspire me to take risks and to leverage my strengths. He is action-oriented coach and he is all about results. And that’s just what I needed! 

Kuswadi Hedeir, HR Executive/Coach

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