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EP1 An Interview with Lucy McCaraher

Lucy McCarraher

Lucy is an author, publisher, mentor and speaker. She has written twelve books, is the co-Founder and Managing Editor of Rethink PressDent Global Publish Mentor for the Key Person of Influence programme, and Founder of the Business Book Awards. She has a post-graduate diploma (DTLLS) in Adult Literacy and Creative Writing.

She helps entrepreneurs raise the authority, increase their client base, raise your fees and get speaking gigs and visibility through writing and publishing books. Her latest book is called a book of one’s own, which was published in March 2019.

Episode Highlights

1:16 Who is Lucy McCaraher

2:40 A brief history of Lucy started

4:36 How Lucy started with her writing career

6:20 Creativity zone – how and where to find it

9:51 Why structure and plan is crucial in book writing

11:09 If you want to write a book, here’s what you’ll need

13:56 What makes a book unique?

16:15 The best and most enjoyable role in Lucy’s life

19:35 Why traveling is important

22:20 Lucy’s big vision and her next moonshot

27:42 The last book you’ll read is…

28:32 Lucy’s biggest fear

To grab a copy of Lucy’s latest book check out A Book of One’s Own a manifesto for women to share their expertise and make a difference, written by women, about women, for women.

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