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EP10 Andrew Priestly

EP 10 with Andrew Priestly

Andrew is a qualified business leadership coach and was ranked in the top 100 UK entrepreneur mentors 2017. He is the author of three best selling business books and works with clients worldwide.

Key Takeaways in this episode:

Five Core Values of Successful Businesses 

The companies that stand for something that are clear on the value, outperformed every other type of business, right, and he identified five core values. And that joy, connection, discovery, respect and impact.

Why Core Value is important

If you don’t know what your core value is, for your business, it’s very hard. It’s, it’s hard to correct craft a message that resonates with with the consumer, because customers particularly now want to identify, they buy from people that they can identify with and resonate with,  particularly if the core value is strong.

Andrew’s advice to those who are just starting out

Get your voice recorder and talk about and talk about and talk about talk about why do I want to do this business.

Where to find Andrew:

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