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EP12 Penny Power

EP 12 with Penny Power

Business is Personal

“Do we want to see the glossy side or the real side of people?”

Penny Power has a glossy image, her family, her OBE, her business brand; the Founder of three businesses, one global and recognised as the first Social Network for Business, pre-dating LinkedIn by 4 years. and the other a National Education Company that launched the UKs first Digital Marketing Apprenticeship that helped over 1000 young unemployed people into their first jobs. Now on her third, The Business Café. Happily married, three children, holidays, travel… all looks so good. The reality is that there is a lot of pain, challenges, adversity and loss of self-worth in her business and life journey.

In November 2017 Penny realised she was broken and needed to press the stop button and reassess her business mind and decide if she wanted to be as ambitious as she has always been. Penny believes it is time that the human side of business is openly shared and, in her book, she describes herself as a torch bearer on the subject of Emotional and Mental Wellbeing in Business.

In a world of shiny images and the issue of ‘compare and despair’ brought on my by our time online, plus the vortex of ambition that we have programmed ourselves with, Penny shares her lessons and journey in her new book “Business is Personal”. She believes strongly that we have to have a deep sense of the life we want to lead and an understanding of our own desires and definitions of success.

Penny motivates people through her honesty and complete desire to set a benchmark that anyone can reach. He talks are emotional and vry relevant to anyone that strives, juggles life and would like to know the way others are dealing with thing – honestly.

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