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EP2 Nichola Reeder

Nichola Reeder

Nichola Reeder is the author of ‘’The Exhibitionist Inspiring Trade Show Excellence’’ on general release from 19th May 2019, Founders of 12th Man Solutions (B2B Marketing Communications Strategy) and ProExTra – Proactive Exhibitor Training, Consultancy & Project Management (a wholly owned division of 12th Man).

Aim: To help exhibitors and event organisers drive a better ROI from more effectively planning, implementing and executing live events & trade shows

Vision: To change the perception of trade shows from time-wasting money -pits to strategic & commercial marketing tactics amongst senior management, marketers and the wider population

Episode Highlights

2:31 Nichola and her business

4:42 The role of social media in Nichola’s business

6:41 What business type is best for exhibitions, Service based or product based business

11:43 Family and business – the good and the misunderstood aspect of partners working in a business

14:37 When couples face disagreements at home and in business

15:58 Do gender perspectives play a role in the success of a business

18:19 The inspiration to write a book

22:27 Nichola’s key lessons learned in her journey from corporate job to business

25:01 Ideal qualities of a business partner

28:39 What inspires Nichola?

30:33 Nicholas big vision

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