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EP3 Ivan Petronichki

Ivan Petronichki

Ivan is an Air Traffic Controller by occupation and a researcher of human psychology by vocation. He has been fascinated by mind control abilities and brain plasticity since he was a teenager

He has been involved in avant-garde and applied psychology for the last 30+ years.

Ivan has studied and mastered over 40 different techniques and methods for rapid shifts and dramatic improvement of the physical, mental and emotional states of people

He has distilled his knowledge and experience into a Simple and Easy to Learn and Implement Mental Edge Mastery System, that deliver astonishing results in record time.

Ivan Helps Aspiring And Visionary Coaches And Consultants Up Their Mental Game And Help Their Clients Do The Same FAST

Episode Highlights

04:44 What got Ivan started in his journey

14:01 Ivan’s Australia experience and why he went there

24:42 Law of attraction vs affirmations

26:35 Beliefs and self identity

27:57 What is the greatest challenge about change?

28:22 The greatest fear

38:02 Advancing the coaches and the coaching industry

42:00 Ivan’s resources and techniques you can adapt

Where to Find Ivan

His website is:

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