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EP4 Liz Almond Interview

Liz Almond

Liz is an inspirational and multi award winning Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Author and Therapist and Business Mentor.   She helps midlife business owners and their employees to resolved their health, wealth and happiness issues which are affecting their mental health.  She now empowers mid life professionals experiencing depression, anxiety and chronic health conditions to have direction, clarity of their life purpose and to feel fantastic and abundant once again.

Liz Almond, The Mindset Shifter, Insightful Minds
Book – Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset
I’ve recently been published in the magazine Steer your business. I was finalist for the Innovation Award for Kent Women in Business Awards 2018 as well as runner up for the Inspired Achievement award.

Episode Highlights

2:14 Crystal and sound healing, do they work?

4:42 How Liz helps people

7:00 What Liz does and her mission

8:04 Religion and spiritual beliefs and how they play in the life of a person

10:22 Is spiritual mission the same as your passion?

12:26 A sneak into Liz’s next book

15:29 The synergy of medicine, mindset, and energy work

17:29 How to deal with massive missions

23:53 Living the principles of Reiki

35:54 The case with depression

41:26 Here’s another reason why you must “relax”

44:55 Visionary system

53:05 Liz next book release

57:24 Final words and where to get to in touch with Liz

Where to Find Liz:


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