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EP48 How AI Can Help Drive Growth for Your Business

Jerry Abiog is a Co-Founder and CMO of Standard Insights – an AI as a Service growth marketing platform that enables businesses to:

  • Execute data-driven omni-channel campaigns
  • Monetize their data to find lookalike customers on Facebook

This helps them target the right person with the right product/service, at the right time. We empower businesses to become more competitive in a data-driven world with marketing precision.

Prior to co-founding Standard Insights, Jerry had a consultancy that helped SaaS companies with sales and marketing initiatives. Some of his clients had successful exits.

One of his old clients was an AI start-up that failed miserably. He learned two things at that time: customers want an easy to use platform and that there was an explosive growth that was likely to occur with AI-powered business applications. Now, according to some estimates, the AI market is projected to grow to $390 billion by 2025.

‘Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.’ Winston Churchill

Standard Insights was born from lessons learned from past failures. Through serendipitous events, an AI-powered start-up was formed where the co-founders have strong experience in: digital marketing, sales, statistics, and computer science.

Our mission – to be the global Standard on how successful businesses prioritize and execute their remarketing campaigns from Insights gleaned from their data.

Outside of work, Jerry is a fitness enthusiast. He participates in jiu-jitsu, boxing, running, swimming, and various other exercise activities that his ‘old-man’ body can handle. Also, he likes spending time with his better half and their 3 dogs.



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