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EP5 Samantha Houghton

Samantha Houghton

Samantha Houghton is the award winning author of The Invisible Girl: A Secret Life (won award for writing style). She is multi published ghostwriter for articles/blogs in print and online for magazines, clients etc. Co-scriptwriter of upcoming inspirational film. Samantha grew up with alcoholic parents, experienced bullying in her early years, which resulted to her introverted and often loner type lifestyle where writing became her primary avenue to release her anger, fears, and frustrations in life.

She became a prolific writer yet never really recognized that it will be the career she will have and will be known for. In this interview, we’ll get to know Samantha and how she has transformed her life, from a silent, lonely, and bullied student to become an award winning writer, coach, podcaster, and more.

Episode Highlights

1:39 Who is Samantha Houghton

5:52 Samantha’s writing inspiration and genre

8:40 Why Samantha loved writing

10:51 How bullying turned her away from school

17:23 How a hospitalisation turned her life around

19:57 A weight lost solution that became an eating disorder

21:02 Why her writing skill remained an unrecognised talent

22:30 How her son became a life changer for me

24:58 How leaving a job rekindled her passion for writing

28:48 The day she started writing my book

29:20 Why social media became an important ingredient in her writing success

34:36 What it felt like to do something ordinary to you but others praise you for

38:23 How she goes into her creative zone

41:12 Want to write? Here are some tips

47:08 Key lessons in Samantha’s writing journey

51:32 What’s next for Samantha

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