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EP51 How to Recover from Career Mistakes

Travis has always been driven to accomplish his goals. He knew at 5 years old he wanted to be a pilot and achieved his dream by graduating
US Army flight school at 19. After serving for 10 years on active duty, he continued his aviation passion by flying for a regional airline and
continuing to serve in the National Guard.

Feeling he had accomplished his aviation goals, he moved to Washington DC and worked as program manager, strategist and liaison
to the White House. After his military service, Travis worked as a management consultant to numerous federal, nonprofit and commercial
companies in the Washington DC area.

With his atypical background spanning aviation, military strategy, national policy and management consulting, he provides a unique
perspective for leaders facing uncertain challenges. Travis has captured stories and lessons from across industries in his book “Making
New Mistakes”. It is the go-to book for leaders looking for guidance on how to navigate disruptive events. It’s the guide that will prepare you
for the next event, because it’s not if but when.

Disruption – It’s not if, but when: As a former military pilot and White House liaison, Travis shows leaders how to confidently navigate through uncertain events and achieve success


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