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EP6 Barbara Gray

EP 6 with Barbara Gray

In today’s episode we’re going to talk to Barbara Gray. Barbara is the founder of Clarity Stamp, an arts and crafts company which has won five awards this year, including blogger of the year and designer year, and product of the year. We’re going to explore what makes her tick. And what’s the secret to her success, how she built her team. And how she thrived through the recesession and her journey where she started from nothing to building a company worth 3 million.

Episode Highlights

0:49 An intro to who Barbara is

02:11 It’s not an overnight success

05:20 Gender prejudice in the workplace

07:58 Why it matters how you speak in the 80’s

10:20 How I went from Germany to California

13:02 The challenge of running a business and having a baby

13:54 Racial tension and the opportunity to move to the US

16:13 Clarity Stamp’s inspiration

18:31 How giving up two vices gave birth a company

20:10 Why Barbara was so grateful to her dad for insisting she go to university

21:16 The 80’s business versus today’s modern business model

24:16 What is your security

27:34 Barbara’s biggest lesson in Germany

28:09 Why I don’t have a credit card

32:52 “People think a successful business is a big business.”

34:41 “Turnover is for vanity, profit is for sanity.”

37:56 How to find the right people for your team

42:50 Pay your people well

44:06 How to keep your employees from leaving your company

49:50 The vision for the company and the next big thing

52:44 Why money is a poor motivator

55:40 The highs and lows of her business journey

Where to find Barbara

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